Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit the Amazon region of Colombia

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Amazon Region

Destination Colombia

Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit the Amazon region of Colombia
  • Area: 35% of Colombia’s total territory (476,000 km²)
  • Population: approx. 1 million
  • Indigenous population: approx. 110,000 divided into 62 different ethnic groups
  • Departments: Amazonas, Caqueta, Guainia, Guaviare, Putumayo, Vaupes
  • Main cities : Florencia, San José del Guaviare, San Vicente del Caguán, Puerto Asís, Mocoa, Leticia
  • Climate: Humid tropical and monsoonal
  • Average temperature: 25°C

General information

Visiting Colombia’s Amazon region

The Amazon… the name alone is enough! Covering more than 1/3 of the country, the Amazon is quite simply the largest region in Colombia, yet it is also the least populated. Historically, this region has seen very little state settlement.

The main cities are located on its borders. The Amazon rainforest covers almost the entire territory. Inland, there are totally isolated villages along the Amazon’s many tributaries, often inhabited by indigenous communities. While its difficult access has kept it free from urbanization, the region has always been a zone of illegal logging of all kinds.

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Visit the Amazon

Visit the Amazon region in Colombia

The Amazon is the encounter with the forest, the encounter with the beginning of the world, the encounter with oneself. All kinds of fantasies arise when its name is invoked, but the Colombian Amazon is slowly being tamed through a series of extraordinary destinations.

Leticia and Puerto Nariño, Mocoa and the Putumayo, San Jose del Guaviare, Iñirida and the cerros de Mavecure… these are certainly the best-known destinations for getting in touch with the wildest ecosystem planet Earth has to offer.

The imaginary world that surrounds the Amazon merges with a reality that is perhaps even more magical! When we think of Amazonia, we inevitably think of nature, fauna and flora, and rightly so. Of course, there’s no certainty when it comes to wildlife observation, but if you’re a lover of the wilderness, then the Amazon awaits you with open arms and a percentage of humidity to explore the bowels of Colombia’s largest forest.

But the Amazon region is also a cultural part of Colombia’s history. At Cerro Azul in the Guaviare region, there is an example of indigenous cave art dating back more than 10,000 years… The Amazon territory is still strongly marked by the presence of indigenous populations. While the Amazon is not the region with the largest population of indigenous peoples, it is, on the other hand, the region with the most diverse communities. The indigenous people of Amazonia have ancestral knowledge to discover, defend and protect.