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    Colombian culture and society

    Colombia is one of the most ethnically mixed countries in the world. This ethnic richness is also a cultural richness. It is also a real challenge for Colombian society, insofar as social inequalities are significant in Colombia, and ethnic origins are one of its most powerful markers.

    Our blog is not intended to analyze Colombian society, but we will try to parallel our tourist discoveries with in-depth posts on certain aspects of Colombian culture and society.

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    Indigenous peoples of Colombia

    Colombian culture and society

    Our first posts on this theme focus on Colombia’s indigenous peoples. Because they are the country’s ancestral cultures, descended from pre-Columbian civilizations and therefore the peoples historically present on the territory before the arrival of the colonists. Because they are Colombia’s most vulnerable populations, the first victims of armed conflict, the first victims of racism, the first victims of an unequal society. Because they are also an immense source of wealth for Colombia!

    The Misak, indigenous peoples of Colombia

    The Wayúu, Indigenous Peoples of Colombia

    History of Colombia

    Colombian culture and society

    There’s a lot to be said in this category, and one day, if the mood takes us, we’ll try to explain a little of Colombian history, and in particular the reasons behind the armed conflict, one of the oldest in the world.

    But the history of Colombia is written on different levels, at different times, at different zoom levels, so to speak. So we’ll put here everything we think has a bearing on the history of Colombia.

    The history of street art in Bogota

    History of Cumbia, music of Colombia: all you need to know about the backbone of Latin American music

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