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Taylor made trip to Colombia

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Hi everyone! We are Angélica and Samuel, Colombian-French couple, creators of the travel blog My Trip to Colombia. Since 2018 we put all our passion and dedication into this adventure to promote this country we love so much.

Through our travel blog we want to help change the image of Colombia and make you want to travel to a country where tourism has a major role to play in local development, the peace process and environmental protection.

How to support our travel blog


From the outset, our idea has been to offer you a quality website, honest and independent, with the most professional approach possible.

A travel blog with a maximum of verified practical information and a desire to encourage you to visit lesser-known places and practice more responsible tourism.

Today, we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved! This project has changed both our lives, but we had to find the resources to make it financially sustainable.


No paid content, no ads, no paid posts, our business model is exclusively based on the choices you make by following our advice, using our links and forms to book activities, hotel nights and useful travel services.

With the Covid epidemic, the years 2020 and 2021 have brought the world to a standstill. Tourism has been one of the hardest hit sectors, and as a result we’ve been heavily impacted.

So if you like our travel blog,
If it helped you on a past trip.
If it helps you on your next trip.
Or if it allows you to continue traveling and dreaming of Colombia.
We need your support!

How to support us

To keep the adventure going

How to support our travel blog

Make a donation

The simplest and most direct way to help us in this time of crisis is to make a donation via the Paypal platform. Paypal is a platform with a proven track record.

You don’t need to create a Paypal account to make a donation, just click on the button below and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can make a donation by credit card. The whole process is completely secure and is paid directly to us (Paypal takes a small commission in the process). Of course, if you have a Paypal account, you can also use it to make a donation.

Use the links we put on our travel blog

If you’re planning a trip to Colombia, the best way to support us is to use the links and contact forms on our travel blog we provide. These links and forms give you access to services and providers that you won’t pay more for, but on which we earn a small commission on each sale.

To support us, you can :

The positive impact of our travel blog

Why support us

How to support our travel blog

Our travel blog is first and foremost a window on Colombia. If there’s one guiding principle, it’s to make you want to travel to Colombia and to promote another way of doing tourism, discovering lesser-known places and living experiences that have a positive impact locally. It’s also to do everything we can to simplify your life by giving you all the good advice and pitfalls to avoid.

If we didn’t have this guiding principle, everything else, the whole idea of being able to make a living from our travel blog, would be meaningless.

And it’s together, with you, thanks to you, that our work achieves its goals:

  • by telling you about our experiences and recommending that you share them with us; together, we support local projects, positive initiatives and enable these beautiful projects to come to life; together, we show that tourism has a role to play in the peace process.
  • by showing you a different side of Colombia and encouraging you to discover it yourself, together we can help change the country’s image and reduce fear.
  • by promoting a different, more responsible type of tourism, and encouraging you to do the same, together we show that tourism can have a positive impact on local populations and play a role in protecting the environment.

All the positive feedback we’re getting from Colombian tourism players, and all the positive feedback we’re getting from you, makes us really happy and encourages us to keep going!

What does it mean to work on a travel blog?

Little secrets from my trip to Colombia

How to support our travel blog

Developing a website like My trip to Colombia requires work and investment. There’s no such thing as a 35-hour week! But what does it actually involve?

  • Finding new destinations and projects to discover
  • Getting out there, meeting people, gathering information, taking photos, etc.
  • Sorting and retouching travel photos
  • Research, gather themes, photos, info and memories to write posts
  • Write quality posts
  • Proofread and publish in the right format
  • Share with you on social networks
  • Reply to all your messages left by e-mail, in comments on our travel blog or on messaging boards on Instagram and Facebook
  • Monitor current events in Colombia
  • Maintain relations with our Colombian partners
  • Develop new partnerships
  • Monitor sales, management and accounting
  • Technical maintenance of the website
  • Technical monitoring and improvement of the website
  • Prepare new projects, new ideas, etc.
  • And lots of other things we can’t remember

In short, there’s more work than there needs to be! In any case, enough that we don’t have the time to develop all the projects we’d like to, ideas for videos or podcasts about Colombia, ideas that have been in our heads for a long time, but which for the moment we’re unable to realise due to lack of time.

Thanks again to all of you for supporting us. Without you, this whole adventure would be meaningless! Un abrazo a todos y nos vemos pronto en Colombia!