Colombian culture

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Travelling to Colombia also means taking an interest in Colombian culture! For us, travel is inseparable from the history, traditions and culture of a country and its people.

There’s no denying that Colombia is an extremely rich country in terms of biodiversity and landscape diversity. But Colombia is undoubtedly even more diverse when it comes to its people and culture.

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Colombian society

Colombian culture

Colombia is fortunate to have a population with a broad mix of indigenous, African and European origins. To kick off this series of posts on Colombian society, we’ve decided to focus first on the country’s indigenous peoples. Indigenous populations are the ancestral roots of this country, descended from pre-Columbian peoples.

The Misak, indigenous peoples of Colombia

The Wayúu, Indigenous Peoples of Colombia


Colombian culture

Colombia has a long tradition of filmmaking. While Cali is the capital of Colombian cinema (notably for the CaliWood movement), Colombian filmmakers are now beginning to export their work internationally, as in the case of Ciro Guerra. For a long time, the themes have revolved around Colombia’s tragic history and the problems of drug trafficking. But this is changing for the good of Colombian cinema!

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Colombian culture

With a Nobel Prize winner at the helm, how can we talk about Colombia without mentioning its literature? Gabriel Garcia Marquez left his mark on minds and generations with his invention of a literary genre that reflects Colombia: magic realism. But many contemporary authors are now shaking up Colombian literature.

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Colombian culture

If there’s one cultural hallmark of Colombia, it’s music! It’s certainly the most developed art form in Colombia, and an integral part of the Colombian soul. In Colombia, music is everywhere, all the time, an integral part of everyday life. The musical tradition is immense, and it’s virtually impossible to list all the musical genres linked to regional traditions. The best-known are: Cumbia, Salsa, Vallenato, Champeta, Curulao, Joropo, Bambuco, Arullo, Bullerengue… but Colombia is also home to a whole scene that blends tradition and modernity in the international music scene: variety, electronic, tropical, hip-hop, jazz, etc.

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Colombian culture

A country’s culture is also, of course, its gastronomy. Colombian cuisine is as rich and varied in its traditional aspects as its music. Each region has its own local specialities, more or less exotic for the European palate. While restaurants do not always reflect this diversity, new Colombian chefs are beginning to shake up connoisseurs by fusing Colombian tradition with the modern techniques of haute cuisine.

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