Who we are

We are Angélica and Samuel, a French-Colombian couple, professional photographers and web editors specializing in travel to Colombia. We created this travel blog to encourage you to discover Colombia and help you plan your trip!

Why did you start this blog?

History of the My trip to Colombia blog

Who we are

It was in 2018, when we returned from our first trip to Colombia together, that we started thinking about the idea of opening this blog. Colombia is starting to open up to the world and tourism is developing enormously, and we’d like to contribute to this development, but not in just any way. Everything has yet to be invented in Colombia, and there’s a risk that the dark side of the force will prevail! Luuuuuuuuuke!

So, as well as telling you about Colombia’s beautiful destinations and all the riches this country has to offer, we’ll be looking out for local initiatives, projects that enable communities to benefit equitably from the arrival of foreign tourists, and agencies that work with respect for local populations and the environment.

You might say, “Oh, it’s sooooo trendy!” Well… if that’s the case, then we think it’s a very good trend! We want to encourage sustainable tourism, because these are values that are important to us, and because we think it’s a necessity for Colombia if the country doesn’t want to destroy its immense assets.

Who is Angélica?

Who’s behind the blog

Who we are

Colombian by birth, I’ve been living in France since the age of 18. Passionate about travel, dance, DIY and sewing, I’ve always cultivated a taste for multiculturalism.
Colombia has so much to offer and has changed so much that today all I want to do is rediscover my country!
With this travel blog, I have the chance to really get to know Colombia, and each trip is a new adventure, rich, different and wonderful. I think it’s essential to share all our wonderful experiences, to bring a different perspective to my country.

Who is Samuel?

Who’s behind the Blog

Who we are

As a former professional musician, I’ve spent most of my time on the road. In 2013, these led me to a country I fell in love with: Colombia! A bit geeky, a bit photographic, a bit literary, I could only become a travel blogger…

Since 2015, I’ve been writing on different mediums, such as travel, cultural or tech magazines. When I met Angélica, we went for our first time together in Colombia and that strengthened the desire to show another face of this country, a beautiful and happy face.