Budgeting and money management when traveling to Colombia

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It’s the sinews of war. Budgeting and money management are central to any trip. Budgeting well for a trip to Colombia is not something you can improvise, and if you can even try to save money, all the better!

While Colombia is still a relatively accessible country for European travelers, it’s important to dispel a few myths and prepare well to avoid surprises.

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Budgeting a trip to Colombia

Our advices

This is where we’d like to start, by giving you all the advice and information we have to help you prepare your budget for a trip to Colombia. We’ve tried to give you all the keys to help you fine-tune your budget according to the different sectors: airfare, accommodation, restaurants, activities, etc.

Colombia travel cost: how much money do you need for your trip

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Putting an end to bank charges

money management for a trip to Colombia

This is probably the best plan we can give you for saving money during your trip to Colombia. And anywhere in the world for that matter. We’ve been using these travel cards for years. If you’re tired of paying bank charges abroad or having to exchange money at unattractive rates, the solution is here, so why not take advantage of it?

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Money exchange and withdrawal

money management when traveling to Colombia

For us, the question of money during a trip to Colombia isn’t limited to making a budget. Of course that’s important, but understanding how the country works, its currency, exchange rates and ways of withdrawing money are just as important.

Exchange, withdrawal, payment, how to manage your money in Colombia

Sending money to Colombia

money management for a trip to Colombia

Our second money-saving tip for a trip to Colombia (or anywhere else) is here: a solution to avoid the huge fees on international transfers (outside SEPA).

Do you need to send money abroad, for example, to pay a deposit to book an activity or accommodation? Remilty is for us the best platform to send money to Colombia, fast, simple and less expensive.

Remitly lets you transfer money to any country in the world for much less, or even nothing at all, since the first transfer is totally free. (You can read our comparison of solutions for transferring money abroad)

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