Road Trip in Colombia, tips and resources to prepare for your road trip

Taylor made trip to Colombia

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Contrary to what you might think, with the pacification of the country and the development of tourism, it’s now entirely possible to imagine taking a road trip in Colombia!

We did it in 2018, between Bogota and Santa Marta. And it was a great experience, from which we’ve drawn a full post that will surely help you. We hope to repeat the experience on another itinerary.

Of course, a road trip means renting a car! We’ll give you all the information you need to prepare and understand the specifics of driving a car in Colombia.

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Road trip in Colombia

Our experience

For our first road trip, we set off from Bogota, where Angélica lives, to Santa Marta, where we had friends to see. Of course, not doing a loop when renting a car isn’t the cheapest solution, but the experience was top-notch!

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Driving a car in Colombia

Road trip in Colombia

We share with you our experience of driving in Colombia and our advice on what to expect and how to rent a car.

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