Colombia’s most beautiful treks and hikes

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With three Andean cordilleras and the world’s highest coastal massif, Colombia is also a paradise for trekkers and mountain hikers!

The Andean region, on the one hand, is the country’s most developed area, home to major cities such as Bogotá, Medellin and Cali. The Andes Cordillera divides Colombia into three mountain ranges that cross the country from south to north.

Many of these peaks are over 5.000 m high. On the Caribbean coast, around Santa Marta, you’ll find the world’s highest coastal massif, along with the Sierra Nevada, home to Colombia’s highest peaks at 5.775m.

Numerous natural parks offer the opportunity to enjoy the mountains and the grandiose, unspoilt natural landscapes.

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Treks in Los Nevados National Park

Best Treks and hikes in Colombia

It’s the star of the Andes, the best-known natural park, and the Cocora Valley has a lot to do with it! The Los Nevados Natural Park, located between Manizales, Pereira, Armenia and Ibague, offers one of the most diverse playgrounds for mountain hikers.

Here, you can trek for several days and climb to the summit of the prestigious Nevado del Tolima (5215 m) or Santa Isabel (4965 m).

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Hiking in El Cocuy National Park

Beautiful Treks and hikes in Colombia

El Cocuy Natural Park is considered one of the most beautiful in Colombia. As a result of numerous problems, El Cocuy is one of the most protected natural parks in the world, with strict rules to ensure the conservation of its ecosystems.

Hikes are by day only (no multi-day bivouacs), only three trails are open to hikers, and it is not permitted to enter the glaciers and climb to the top of the peaks. The highest peak in El Cocuy Park is Ritacuba Blanco (5.410 m).

El Cocuy National Park travel guide: some of the most beautiful treks in Colombia

Hike to Chingaza National Park

Treks and hikes in Colombia

Along with Sumapaz, Chingaza Natural Park is the closest park to Bogotá. With numerous hiking trails, Chingaza is a great option for discovering the unique ecosystems of Colombia’s Andes mountains.

The high-altitude lakes of Chingaza are part of the country’s pre-Columbian heritage, as they were the sites of sacred ceremonies.

Chingaza National Park travel guide: hiking the Siecha Lagoons path

The Lost City Trek

Most famous Trek in Colombia

This is THE star of treks in Colombia! The Ciudad Perdida trek has become mythical, for two main reasons: the destination, which takes us to the archaeological remains of a pre-Columbian civilization that has partly disappeared, and the physical challenge of the heat and humidity, which is very different from the mountain treks we’re used to doing.

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Hiking in the Cocora Valley

Treks and hikes in Colombia

Over the years, the Cocora Valley has become one of Colombia’s most visited destinations. The one-day trek around the Cocora Valley is accessible to almost everyone, with a 500 m vertical drop between 2400 and 2900 m altitude. We advise you to do this trek on weekdays and outside the most popular tourist periods (Colombian vacations and bank holiday weekends).

Cocora Valley Travel Guide: hiking in one of the most beautiful landscape of Colombia

Hikes around Bogota

Hikking in Colombia

You might not think it, but the area around the Colombian capital offers a wealth of options for mountain trekking. With its 2.600 m altitude, Bogotá is a good base for exploring the surrounding mountains. Between the Chingaza and Sumapaz nature parks, and the various hikes on the Sutatausa, Quinini or Guatavita side, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself!

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Hikking in Paramo de Oceta

Most Beautiful hikes in Colombia

For us, Oceta is one of the most beautiful and accessible treks in Colombia. It’s a sublime paramo located on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Mongui in the Boyaca department. Here, you can enjoy day hikes reaching altitudes of around 4.000 m, and discover this unique ecosystem.

Paramo de Oceta travel guide: one of the best hikes in Colombia