Cultural Heritage of Colombia

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Colombia is an exceptional mix of pre-Columbian and colonial cultural heritage.

Indeed, many archaeological remains from pre-Hispanic times are still present in Colombia – San Agustin and Ciudad Perdida spring to mind, of course – and it’s quite possible that many are still unknown to the public.

As for the colonial period, examples are extremely numerous, ranging from Andean villages to the historic centers of major cities such as Cartagena.

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It’s hard for us to know where to draw the line between city and village, given that Colombian classification is different from other countries. Cities with hundreds of thousands of people, such as Lorica, are called “Pueblos”, as are villages with just 500 inhabitants….

City heritage

Colombian cultural heritage

Traces of Colombia’s colonial heritage can be found in major cities such as Bogotá’s Candelaria, Cali’s Barrio San Antonio and the historic center of Santa Marta.

But of course, the pearl of colonial architecture in Colombia is Cartagena de Indias, whose walled city is one of the best-preserved architectural ensembles on the entire South American continent.

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Heritage villages of Colombia

Colombian cultural heritage

Colombian villages are clearly one of the most enchanting aspects of a trip to the country. There are many beautiful villages in Colombia, most of them of great heritage interest. There’s even a network of Colombian heritage villages.

While the colonial heritage is more pronounced in the Andean region, the Caribbean coast is not to be outdone, with outstanding examples such as Mompox and Lorica.

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Pre-Hispanic culture and heritage

Pre-Columbian heritage

Pre-Hispanic cultures are still very much alive in Colombia, with over 80 different ethnic groups, and indigenous communities still trying to maintain their way of life and traditions, not without difficulty.

Between the archaeological remains of vanished civilizations and indigenous cultures that are still very much alive, Colombia’s richness also lies in the heritage offered by its indigenous peoples and their ancestors.

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World heritage sites

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Colombia

There are currently nine UNESCO World Heritage sites in Colombia:

Cultural heritage

Natural heritage

Mixed heritage

List of World Heritage sites in Colombia (UNESCO)