Lesser-known Colombia: the off the beaten path destinations in Colombia

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Taking a step aside and offering you lesser-known destinations, showing you that it’s possible to visit Colombia off the beaten track, that’s the challenge we’re trying to meet with our travel blog on Colombia.

You can visit Cartagena off the beaten track! The same goes for Bogotá or Medellín… you can choose a beach other than Palomino, you can discover the Guajira desert through cultural immersion, you can visit other colorful villages just as beautiful as Salento, etc., etc., etc. It’s all possible.

Of course, our travel blog is here to help you discover the best-known destinations, and there’s no question of telling you not to visit them. But for us, Colombia has many faces, and it would be a shame to remain on the surface. So don’t hesitate to take the plunge! There are plenty of ideas for off-the-beaten-track destinations on our travel blog.

The Andes off the beaten path

discover Colombia in a different way

You don’t have to venture into complicated regions to discover Colombia’s lesser-known places. The country is sufficiently unexplored that it’s easy to get off the beaten track, even in the most touristy destinations!

Bogota off the beaten path

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Medellin off the beaten path

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Boyaca and Santander off the beaten path

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Cali and surroundings off the beaten path

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The Caribbean off the beaten track

discover Colombia differently

As in the Andean region, the Caribbean coast is home to many little-visited destinations that are well worth a visit.

Santa Marta off the beaten track

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Cartagena off the beaten track

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Uraba and Cordoba off the beaten path

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La Guajira off the beaten path

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Colombia’s less-visited regions

Discovering Colombia off the beaten path

Some regions of Colombia are inherently off-the-radar destinations. This makes them perfect destinations for lovers of authentic discoveries!

The Pacific coast

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The llanos region

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The Amazon region

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8 off-the-beaten-path destinations to discover in Colombia

Colombian destinations off the beaten track

Many regions lie off the beaten tourist track. Take, for example, the Casanare, a totally different territory in Colombia. Its topography, climate, culture and traditions are totally distinct from those of the rest of the country.

But other regions are well worth a visit on a trip to Colombia:

If you go through a travel agency for a tailor-made tour of Colombia, don’t hesitate to tell them about these lesser-known destinations, which will give you another taste of Colombia!

“Destinos de paz” : Tourism in post conflict times

We’re thinking in particular of the regions affected by armed conflict, which are slowly beginning to open up to tourism.

The Guaviare, for example, has long been a territory left in the hands of armed groups and drug traffickers. Today, the entire area around San José del Guaviare is open to tourism, revealing some exceptional treasures! These include the River of Five Colours, similar to the famous Caño Cristales, but also the Sistine Chapel of Colombian prehistory: Cerro Azul.

The Uraba and Cordoba region is also a territory scarred by armed conflict, which is slowly opening its doors to numerous community tourism projects to support. Destinations such as Necocli, Lorica and San Bernardo del viento are well worth discovering

Still on the Caribbean coast, Montes de Maria is a pilot area for the development of tourism for communities affected by the armed conflict.